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The original beer tour of New Orleans

Beer tours of New Orleans and Louisiana Craft Beer.

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Beer Lover? History  Buff? Love New Orleans?  


This is the tour for you!

Immerse yourself in the beer and culture of New Orleans to experience the beerer side of life.  If you are looking for a fun, laid back tour with other beer enthusiasts to sample the finest Louisiana microbrews, you're in the right place.  This is a one of a kind tour, in a one of a kind city.  Experience the history and the hops.  


Do you want to help New Orleans?

We donate a portion of our proceeds to the community.  Our company was created with the mission of helping others enjoy New Orleans fine craft beer.  We try to provide a vacation from life's troubles to create an experience without the hassle of anything else in the world.  It is almost a place of meditation - a focus on the history and hops. We will continue to innovate in improving the craft beer scene and New Orleans.


Interested in the history of New Orleans and its Craft Beer Renaissance?

No where else can you find such a diverse blend of culture, history, and satisfaction.  Our tours guide you from the birth of New Orleans to the modern day renaissance.  You will have a flavorful adventure from the big breweries of old to the birth of the craft beer movement. 


Want to meet the locals?

At our stops, you can pull up a stool next to one of the regulars.  On occasion, locals even come on our tours because they want to learn more about the growing craft beer culture in New Orleans.  You'll get a great perspective about New Orleans and maybe other things you didn't expect...


Do you like New Orleans food?

We will provide you with a sampling of New Orleans dishes on our tours - Just enough to hold you over but not enough to hamper further beer consumption!


No matter your interest, we have something to offer you:

-Hand picked professional, local guides

-Signature tour stops

-Like-minded groups

-Unique Beer centric experience